Panang Curry Noodle Soup

Call it comfort food, call it a t.v. dinner, call it lazy day dinner or call it rainy day dinner — it’s absolutely amazing, either way. Doesn’t require more than 10 minutes of your time to make this noodle curry in a hurry. I used panang curry paste, but you can use red curry paste, green […]

Mushroom Soup

My sister once found this mushroom soup recipe that has now become our all-time favorite. It’s so simple and uses very few ingredients to make a pretty excellent soup. Everytime we get a box of mushrooms, we always end up having a decent amount of remainder. And all of those get used up in making […]

Sweet Dosa

It had been several months since we made “gadiya pulla” or as my cousin Akash would call it, “sweet dosa”. It’s basically a thin and healthy wheat pancake without any raising agents like baking powder or baking soda. It’s best eaten on its own or with plain cold milk. It’s sweet like dessert and perfectly […]

Indian Style Bake Dish

It has been several months since I have made the Indian style bake dish that my Dubai cousin’s live-in cook, Gangaram used to make the best. It’s a simple combination of sweet-ish cheesy white sauce and mix veggies baked together under a lovely blanket of cheese and melting butter. Last night, my cousin/roommate Shaily suggested […]