Classic Creamy Hummus

In the four years that I have lived in America, this place has not only served me mediocre weather, but also mediocre Arabic food. The one thing I miss most about home is the delectable Lebanese food — especially the luscious, silky, smoothest-ever hummus.
10457515_10152760671672363_1737380547329061620_nThis hummus recipe is a keeper. It is so smooth and creamy, it tastes exactly like the one we used to get at our local Arabic restaurant called Lebanese Flower, back at home in Abu Dhabi. 1 can (16 oz) – chickpeas OR 1 cup chickpeas soaked overnight and pressure cooked 1 cup + 1/2 cup – chickpea stock (preferred) or water 1/2 cup – labneh OR greek yogurt (If using regular yogurt, make sure to strain out the water) Salt to taste 1/4 cup – olive oil 2 tablespoons – lemon juice freshly squeezed 2 to 3 cloves – garlic 1/4 cup – tahini (you can use store bought paste or make your own by blending together 1/8 cup roasted sesame seeds with 1/8 cup olive oil) Cayenne pepper, parsley and olive oil for garnish


One thought on “Classic Creamy Hummus

  1. Nikita I just made this with the tahini recipe to!. It was absolutely amazing…tastes just like we would get from lebanes flower.
    Thanks for this quick and delicious recipe! No more store bought hommus for me!!!

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