Pav Bread (Indian Bread Rolls)

These super soft, airy and slightly sweet bread rolls are an Indian street-food star.


They are generally sliced in half, slathered with Amul butter on both sides and grilled on a hot pan till a layer of golden crisp steals your attention.


Although this recipe does make the typical Indian bread rolls, they can really be served with anything and not necessarily used strictly in Indian fast food.


Making them at home could not get easier; just a few basic ingredients, some patience and that’s it!

For the bread dough:

3/4 cup – warm milk
2 1/4 teaspoons – dry yeast
2 tablespoons – sugar
2 cups – bread flour (plain flour can also be used)
2 tablespoons – milk powder
1 teaspoon – salt
1/4 cup – unsalted butter, softened

For brushing the tops:

1 tablespoon – milk
1 tablespoon – butter, melted

Note: In the video, I am using my stand mixer to make the dough. But this can be done by hand too.


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