Wholewheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes


Dharti and I woke up on this amazing sunny Sunday morning craving pancakes while we were still in bed. Just while we were talking about making chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, my mum walked into my room asking us to make something “healthy” for breakfast. So we decided to make wholewheat pancakes as they would be a lot healthier than plain flour pancakes and ultimately make mommy happy!

I’ve always had this general aversion towards using wholewheat flour for making baked goods or anything that’s supposed to be made light and fluffy. Due to its low gluten level, I always feel like it produces dense products. But today’s pancakes turned out unbelievably light and were so satisfying.

Wholewheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes
adapted from Inquiring Chef

1 – egg
1/8 cup packed – light brown sugar
1/8 cup – canola oil
1 cup – buttermilk (see note)
1 cup – whole wheat flour
1 tbsp – baking powder
1/4 tsp – salt
1/2 cup – dark chocolate chips

1) Beat eggs and brown sugar in a mixing bowl with a wire whisk. Beat in canola oil and buttermilk until evenly combined. Add dry ingredients all at once and stir with a wooden spoon until smooth.
2) Ladle the batter onto a hot, oiled griddle or skillet. Sprinkle some chocolate chips and cook until bubbles form on the surface. Flip to the other side and cook until both sides are golden brown. Serve immediately, with butter and maple syrup.

Note: If you don’t have pre-made buttermilk, warm up 1 cup of milk and stir in 1 tbsp of white vinegar and let it sit for 3 minutes.


One thought on “Wholewheat Chocolate Chip Pancakes

  1. Woooahhhh Finally!! We get a glimpse into the lovely kitchen of a highly talented and sweetest person ever…
    Looking forward to reading your recipes, and trying to adapt some of those, though I highly doubt they will be even as near to what you make, so in that case I will have to drop by and have a taste, what say?

    So glad you made this blog, I will definitely follow this, and keep giving my **gushing, fangirling** responses to you.

    Keep it up girl, all the best!!! ❤


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